Single Malt Lager

12 Acres Single Malt Lager: 4.2% ABV.

Our Single Malt Lager is a very refreshing Kolsch/ German Style Beer with influence from the famous Beer of Koln. Brewed from 100% of our own malted barley, it is a crisp clean refreshing cold lagered beer. The delicate malt flavour and light fruity notes which come from the German yeast, is balanced by the classic European noble hop varieties Saaz and Heallertau Mittlefruh. The lager is given plenty of time to cold condition with extended time at a very low temperature in the tank. This beer is perfect for summer evenings and pairs nicely with fish, chicken, pastas and salads.

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed brewing it.

12 acres Brewing Single Malt


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