Rye India Pale Ale

12 Acres Rye IPA: 5.5% ABV.

Our Rye IPA is a speciality hybrid beer combining a full flavoured American style IPA with the spicy characteristics of a traditional Rye Ale. A burnished gold / red-gold colour, the aromas showcase classic North American hop flavour – grapefruit and citrusy fruit flavour with a touch of pine.  Distinct spicy rye character is evident in the first sip, and this combines with the hop fruit flavour in the beer. The mouth-feel gives a medium body lusciousness, which supports the spice of the malted rye in the beer.  A very well balanced, spice, malt sweetness, and fruit body, all integrate to deliver a range of complex full flavours. Pairs very well with roasted and barbequed meats.

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed brewing it.

12 Acres Brewing Rye IPA

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